'Use your GP' Urges MP

'Use your GP' Urges MP

Published date : 05 July, 2021

SNP MP for Gordon Constituency, Richard Thomson MP, is urging constituents to ‘Use your GP’ for symptoms that could potentially be serious. 


The local MP says there are still too many people who don’t want to worry their GP who could have serious conditions or may be putting off going to their GP because of their on Covid worries. 


Richard Thomson MP said:


“We are hearing from the NHS that there are still significant numbers of people who should be seeing their GP but who are putting it off, often because they don’t want to bother their GP or because they are worried about Covid risks. 


“There are many ways that people can get medical help and advice, including from pharmacists, dentists, optometrists and from NHS 101 and it is important that people use the best route for medical advice. However, it is also really important that people don’t put off seeing a GP if they have genuine symptoms that could be something serious. 


“It is vital that people look after themselves and if you have unusual or persistent symptoms that you would not consider normal for you then please seek appropriate advice. 


“GPs are concerned that too many people are putting off making appointments, which could result in potentially serious conditions going undiagnosed and I would simply urge people not to dismiss symptoms without thinking it through. 


“NHS 111 and the NHS Inform website in particular are really good sources of information and advice if you are unsure and can give you a really good idea of whether you should see a GP but please don’t put off getting a diagnosis because of Covid worries.”

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