Gordon MP Gives Backing to Scottish Cluster Campaign

Gordon MP Gives Backing to Scottish Cluster Campaign

Published date : 06 August, 2021

Local SNP MP Richard Thomson has given his backing to the Scottish Cluster Campaign, a cross-community, cross-business group which aims to create a unified voice for Scotland to progress along our decarbonisation journey, calling on the Scottish and UK Governments to take the actions needed for CCS (carbon Capture and Storage), hydrogen and other low carbon technologies to play their full part in meeting net zero goals. 


The Scottish Cluster is backed by a wide range of advocates from industry and across local and regional communities, including Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, along with the Scottish Government.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson said: 


“To meet net zero targets, reducing industry emissions will require widespread use of CCS technology and hydrogen, both of which are essential for decarbonising sectors such as transport, heat, and power and for supporting the deployment of carbon removal technologies like Direct Air Capture. 


“There are currently 160,000 people currently directly and indirectly employed in the UK offshore energy sector, many of those in Scotland. Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) and other decarbonising industries could actually see this number increase to 200,000 as we invest and support the development and deployment of low carbon hydrogen in the region. 


“The SNP is committed to ensuring a green recovery and a transition that supports green jobs, skills and expertise. We are believers that Scotland’s existing oil and gas infrastructure can be repurposed to enable industrial decarbonisation, shortening delivery timescales enabling the development of the wider CCUS industry in the UK as a key storage site.  


“A scheme like the Acorn project in Aberdeenshire fits these criteria perfectly. Not only does it reskill workers and support Scotland’s ambition to reach Net Zero by 2045, by being able to repurpose existing pipeline infrastructure and just as importantly be able to accept CO2 ‘imports’ from other parts of the UK and Europe, it has the potential to be the quickest to commission and by far the most scalable of the options currently under consideration. 


“The North-east has for many decades been a centre of excellence in oil and gas and through investment we can see that happening as energy transition technologies are developed, to be rolled out globally, from Aberdeenshire.” 


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