Huntly MP Welcomes Free NHS Dental Care for Young People

Huntly MP Welcomes Free NHS Dental Care for Young People

Published date : 24 August, 2021

Local MP Richard Thomson has welcomed funding to ensure free NHS dental treatment for young people aged under 26-years-old. 


It comes after the Scottish Government announced a further £7.5million to support the dental sector as it builds back up to pre-pandemic capacity. 


The free treatment for people aged under 26 will take effect immediately and there is no “opt-in” required.  Those who started a course of treatment before their 26th birthday will also be eligible. 


The £7.5 million funding will also help dental practices to purchase drills that do not create as much aerosol as standard drills, and so allow dentists to help mitigate the impact of Covid restrictions on the number of patients they can see. 


Welcoming the announcement, Gordon MP Richard Thomson said:  


“Dental costs can sometimes be expensive, so this first step by the Scottish Government will be a very welcome move for the 600,000 people who will benefit. 


“Dentistry has, like many other sectors, faced real challenges during the coronavirus pandemic and this additional funding from the Scottish Government is a very welcome step.” 

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