Local MP Urges UK Transport Minister to Give Greater Publicity to Changes to 'Highway Code'

Local MP Urges UK Transport Minister to Give Greater Publicity to Changes to 'Highway Code'

Published date : 02 February, 2022

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has written to the UK Secretary of State for Transport asking for increased efforts to publicise changes to the Highway Code which have come into effect in the past few days. 
In total, 10 sections of The Highway Code have been updated, with 50 rules being added or updated.  These include rules on the hierarchy of road users; people crossing the road at junctions; walking, cycling or riding in shared spaces; positioning in the road when cycling; overtaking when driving or cycling; and cycling at junctions. 
Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 
“I am supportive of any steps to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists and other road users.  That includes updating the Highway Code to ensure it is fit for purpose. In order to do so however, there must be public awareness about the changes that are enacted. 

“Constituents have brought up the fact that there has been very little communication between the UK Government and the public about these upcoming changes.  An added concern is that there will not be a new paper edition of the ‘Highway Code’ until at least March 2022, so any copies purchased right now will not include the new changes.  This coupled with the lack of a widely accessible publicity campaign suggests that many road users may be unaware of the changes. 
“I am urging the Secretary of State to redouble efforts to publicise these changes but would also urge motorists, other road users and pedestrians to familiarise themselves with the changes.” 
Details of the changes may be found here: HERE


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