Rural Areas Suffer as Fuel Duty Cut Wiped Out By Soaring Pump Prices

Rural Areas Suffer as Fuel Duty Cut Wiped Out By Soaring Pump Prices

Published date : 18 May, 2022

Local MP Richard Thomson has pointed to new research which shows the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s five pence cut in fuel duty has been wiped out due to the rising cost of fuel at the petrol pumps.

According to the RAC’s UK fuel price tracker, on the day the Chancellor introduced the cut, unleaded petrol cost 167.30p and diesel cost 179.72p per litre. 

Latest figures show that after an initial reduction, unleaded petrol has increased by nearly 4p a litre and diesel has increased by 5p a litre.  The RAC also predicts that prices will rise further, putting even more pressure on household budgets. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

"Rishi Sunak's pitiful 5p cut in fuel duty has been pretty much wiped out due to the cost-of-living crisis, which was manufactured by the Conservatives in the first place. 

"This just shows how woeful the measures were that the Chancellor brought in and how they have provided next to no help for families who are struggling to make ends meet. 
“In areas like Gordon, many people have no option but to use private transport for work, shopping and other everyday tasks.  It is about time the Chancellor woke up to the realities of the cost-of-living crisis and provided real help for people in rural Scotland. 
“This is further evidence of the lack of concern for rural communities from the Westminster Conservative Government.” 

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