Local MP Comments on UK Government Resignations

Local MP Comments on UK Government Resignations

Published date : 06 July, 2022

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has said the resignation of the Chancellor of the Exchequer – along with 31 Conservative Ministers and others with numbers still rising at the time of writing – is yet more evidence of a dysfunctional UK Government which is more focussed on internal party wrangling than trying to address major issues such as the cost-of-living crisis. 

The SNP MP was speaking after the Chancellor, the Secretary of State for Health in England, the Solicitor General for England, along with various junior Ministers, Trade Envoys and Parliamentary Private Secretaries, all resigned in protest at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“Fascinating though it is to watch the Conservative Party embark on yet another round of infighting and jockeying for position by those wishing to replace the Prime Minister, the fact is that while the machinery of the London Government is paralysed by the events unfolding around it, there cannot be any real focus on getting on with the day job by those Ministers who remain in post. 

“I have constituents who are looking to the UK Government for action on tackling the cost-of-living crisis; looking for action on the high cost of fuel and for fuel tax to be reduced; looking to simply be able to renew their driving licence without having to wait months; and looking to see what action the government will take on the high input costs of growing our food and crops.  It seems all of these things are taking a back seat while this Westminster drama plays out. 

“We’re still suffering the consequences of a Brexit Scotland did not vote for which was foisted upon us because of 40 years of political dysfunction in the Conservative Party and the various neuroses it has had over Europe.  We should not have to put up with this and Scotland could do so much better if we had the power to make all our own decisions over all of our own affairs.” 

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