Thomson Receives Assurance from Asda Over Problems with Staff Payroll

Thomson Receives Assurance from Asda Over Problems with Staff Payroll

Published date : 06 July, 2022

Local MP Richard Thomson has received an assurance from supermarket giant Asda after raising concerns over an increasing amount of errors made in its employees’ payroll run. 

The GMB Union raised the matter with Mr Thomson on behalf of constituents affected and claimed there had been over 10,000 errors made in Asda’s payroll across the whole UK for the month of June alone.  Asda operates stores locally in Dyce and Huntly. 

Mr Thomson contacted Asda Head Office on the matter and has now received an assurance from the company that the matter is being taken “very seriously” and they are working to have a new and updated payroll system in place, while making it an “immediate priority” to fix errors. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“Errors can and do occur from time to time in all walks of life, but the level and errors occurring over a period with Asda’s payroll indicates a significant problem, which the company has acknowledged exists. 

“This would be bad enough at any time, but it is particularly so at the moment given the pressures many people are feeling on their household budget where they not only need the money they are due, but the certainty that it is also the correct money. 

“I’m pleased Asda seem to be taking this matter seriously and are working with the trade union and staff to resolve the matter.  However, if any employee affected requires any assistance with their individual case then I shall be happy to assist.” 

In its response to Mr Thomson, Asda said: 

“Over the last couple of months, we have experienced problems due to a number of different reasons. One issue has been with our external payroll provider and the incorrect processing of a batch upload of data. This resulted in 10,806 errors impacting 5,529 colleagues across the UK.  While this impacted the minority of our overall colleague population, it is not acceptable and is an issue we have addressed directly with that provider.” 

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