Wide Range of Issues Discussed with Farming Leaders at Turriff Show

Wide Range of Issues Discussed with Farming Leaders at Turriff Show

Published date : 02 August, 2022

Gordon MP Richard Thomson attended the NFUS roundtable discussion at Turriff Show yesterday (Monday) where a wide range of farming and agricultural issues were discussed. 

NFUS President Martin Kennedy, Vice-President Andrew Connon were present and North-east Regional Chair Alan Simpson presided over the meeting held with North-east MPs and MSPs. 


Commenting after the meeting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“This was a very useful meeting to have at this time.  Many of the issues which came up – such as fertiliser costs, seed potato exports and issues affecting the pig sector – are issues which I have been raising in the Commons and lobbying Ministers on for some time. 

“I was pleased the UK Minister for Farming was in attendance as it allowed her to hear at first hand the strength of feeling from North-east farming on these issues, most of which are within her remit despite agriculture being a devolved issue. 

“On seed potatoes in particular, I reiterated to the Minister that the solution to allowing quality Scottish seed potatoes back into their EU and Northern Ireland markets is quite simple: Scotland remains a producer of high-quality seed potatoes and that has not changed since we left the EU.  The UK Government could eliminate overnight many obstacles to trade by agreeing to align again with the EU on food and welfare standards.  

“All it requires is a pragmatic realignment, which will once again allow this world-leading industry to get on with doing what it does best. 


Note: Photograph attached shows Richard Thomson MP with East Aberdeenshire MSP Gillian Martin at Turriff Show.

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