Thomson Comments on Westminster Incompetence

Thomson Comments on Westminster Incompetence

Published date : 17 October, 2022

Commenting on the current political situation which has seen the Chancellor of the Exchequer sacked and the Prime Minister fighting to remain in post after just weeks in the job, Gordon MP Richard Thomson said it was time for Conservative MPs to “put the economy first” and force Liz Truss to abandon her disastrous budget - or show her the door.  

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

“While it was inevitable that the Chancellor of the Exchequer could not survive in post after the mayhem he unleashed in the financial markets, on people’s pension funds and in mortgages, the reality is the damage has been done.  Sacking the Chancellor for implementing the policies the Prime Minister herself campaigned on during the Conservative leadership election is too little, too late.  Working people will be paying the price for Westminster’s mismanagement for years.  

“It’s clear the Conservatives have gambled with our economy and with people’s livelihoods.  That they did so without a proper forecast from the Office for Budget Responsibility is simply further confirmation of their recklessness.  

"The Prime Minister has run out of time and credibility.  Conservative MPs must put the economy first and force her to change direction now - or show her the door.  Meanwhile, in Scotland we at least have a route out of the weakness and instability being visited on the UK by this incompetent government we did not vote for.”  




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