"Democracy Must Not Be Denied" Says Thomson

Published date : 25 November, 2022


Gordon MP Richard Thomson has called for democracy in Scotland to be upheld following the ruling from the Supreme Court.  

The Supreme Court delivered its judgment on a reference from the Lord Advocate, the Scottish Government’s senior Law Officer, seeking clarity on whether or not the Scotland Act 1998 allows the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a referendum on independence.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:

“The Prime Minister saying he respects the Supreme Court is fine, but he also needs to respect the absolute right of people in Scotland to choose the form of government best suited to their needs.  If the Union is based on consent, voters must be able to withdraw that consent.  

“We should be clear that the Supreme Court judgement was about interpreting a narrow question around the provisions of the Scotland Act 1998, as opposed to a judgement on independence itself.  Judges interpret the law; not make it.  I offer no criticism of the judges and we should all respect and accept the judgment of the Court.  

“However, the ruling exposes the limitations placed upon Scotland by devolution.  If there is no legal way for Scotland to exercise decisions on its own constitutional future, and the UK Government blocks all other routes, then Scotland is clearly not in a voluntary union.  

“The UK Government is now regularly ignoring Scotland’s elected Parliament. Scotland cannot afford to stay in this union under governments that we generally don’t elect.  Democracy cannot be denied forever.  The people of Scotland will be given the opportunity to choose their own future at the next UK General Election.   

“The future of Scotland must be decided by the people of Scotland.  The past 12 years - even the past 12 weeks - has demonstrated the damage Westminster incompetence continues to wreak on Scotland’s economy and communities.  Scottish democracy must prevail.”  




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