Local MP Condemns £2.2BN Brexit Blow to Scottish Exports

Local MP Condemns £2.2BN Brexit Blow to Scottish Exports

Published date : 03 November, 2022

Fresh research has demonstrated the extreme damage Brexit has inflicted on Scotland’s export market - to the tune of £2.2 billion.  In recently published HMRC data, Scotland's exports fell from £16.741bn in 2019, the year before the UK exited the EU to £14.528bn in 2021 - a drop of over 13% in two years.   

Prior to Brexit, Scotland's exports to EU countries were consistently rising, with an increase of £420 million between 2018 and 2019.  

Nationally across Scotland, the figure broken down is around £869.97 per household or £401.47 per head of population.  


Commenting, Gordon MP Richard Thomson said:  

“Brexit remains a self-inflicted economic calamity, one that the people of Gordon, and Scotland, rejected at the ballot box.  These fresh figures cast light on the real impact to our businesses - £2.2 billion less in exports means fewer jobs, reduced investment and suppressed economic growth for our businesses, high streets and town centres.  

“As the mounting economic damage to North-east households from Westminster incompetence becomes clear, more and more voters are looking at the case for independence in Europe.  Scotland needs independence if we are serious about building a fair and prosperous future. There is no escape from long-term economic damage and decline under Westminster control.”  



Notes:  Scots exports slump by 13 per cent since Brexit – Herald, 1 November 2022 … Front Page  




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