MP Richard Thomson Urges Caution on Wintry Country Roads

MP Richard Thomson Urges Caution on Wintry Country Roads

Published date : 08 December, 2022

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has urged drivers to take extra care on rural roads during the winter.  


Highlighting the danger poor road conditions can have for drivers, the MP said:   

“Dark nights and inclement weather can severely affect road conditions, especially on country roads.  

“Motorists should drive with increased caution as we enter winter and ensure that they are prepared for road conditions before starting their journey. Road accidents tragically increase in the winter months, and in many cases these incidents are preventable. Even basic precautions such as ensuring everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt can make a big difference; figures from the road safety charity Break tell us that car occupants were not wearing seatbelts in 47% of fatal collisions which occurred during the evening and night.  

“Vehicles can often behave in unpredictable ways on slippery road surfaces and stopping distances can be increased by up to 10 times when the road surface is icy or wet, so cautious driving is important. Hidden hazards, such as black ice, are of particular concern on rural roads.  

“Simple precautions, like ensuring you have a fully-equipped emergency kit in your car and ensuring you remember to take rest breaks on long journeys can significantly reduce your risk of becoming involved in a road traffic accident over winter.”  






Police Scotland have winter road safety advice for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers available at  


UK road casualty statistics can be found at   

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