Thomson Backs Campaign to Scrap VAT on Defibrillators

Thomson Backs Campaign to Scrap VAT on Defibrillators

Published date : 03 January, 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has given his backing to a campaign to get the UK Government to scrap VAT on life-saving defibrillators.  

Mr Thomson has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt urging him to scrap the VAT charge on such equipment. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

“Jeremy Hunt should show some goodwill at New Year by scrapping VAT on defibrillators and make it easier and cheaper for us to build an effective defib network across the country. 

“Making sure we have defibrillators in more easily accessible places means anyone suffering from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest has a greater chance of survival. 

“Across communities in the North-east, there has been incredible work by community groups to provide defibrillators and ensure we have coverage across the area.  However, the money raised for such things could go a lot further if defibrillators were not subject to VAT.  

“The Irish Government has recently scrapped VAT on defibs and there is no reason why the UK Government cannot follow its example.  Other pieces of medical equipment are exempt so why not defibrillators? 

“I have therefore written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging him to scrap the VAT levy on these life-saving devices so that community money can go further in these difficult times.”   





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