Thomson Welcomes UK Governments U-Turn on Privatisation of Channel 4

Thomson Welcomes UK Governments U-Turn on Privatisation of Channel 4

Published date : 11 January, 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has welcomed the UK Government’s U-turn on the privatisation of Channel 4.  

The privatisation plans had previously been likened to taking a ‘wrecking ball’ through the country’s broadcasting and production sector according to an industry expert.  The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport confirmed the plans have been dropped in a statement in the House of Commons.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

“This is welcome news, although there remain concerns about the UK Government’s proposed ‘reforms’ of Channel 4 through the forthcoming Media Bill.  

“Channel 4 is an integral and critical part of the sector, providing independent broadcasting companies a platform they would not otherwise have. Without it, their opportunities will be vastly reduced, and talent will be lost.  
“Channel 4 also provides a platform for voices and faces we would not normally see on our screen, vital in ensuring better representation across the country.  

“While this change in direction is very welcome, we cannot trust the Westminster Government to protect the future of Scotland’s vital cultural and creative sector.  £2million has been wasted in Nadine Dorries’ botched privatisation plans which could have been used elsewhere.  The only way to protect its future is by devolving those powers to the Scottish Parliament.”  



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