31% of People in Gordon Unable to Afford to Turn Heating on in Past Month

31% of People in Gordon Unable to Afford to Turn Heating on in Past Month

Published date : 08 March, 2023


Gordon MP Richard Thomson has sounded the alarm over the cost-of-living crisis locally as new figures show the rapidly declining finances of households across the constituency.  

New research commissioned by political activist organisation 38 Degrees, and carried out by renowned pollsters Survation, lays bare the collapse of confidence in the UK Government’s approach to the cost-of-living crisis - and the real impact of soaring bills on local communities:  

  • 31% have not been able to afford to turn on the heating when they have felt cold in the past month   
  • 16% have missed a rent payment in the last six months  
  • 24% are worried about having to use a Food Bank in the next year  
  • 32% say their mental health has worsened due to the cost-of-living crisis   

Ahead of the UK budget, Mr Thomson is urging the UK Government to change course, by maintaining current levels of state support for energy bills and doing far more to help struggling households during the cost of living crisis.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“These figures are truly staggering and are a damning indictment of a failed economic model across these islands - as well as a broken energy market.   

“Nearly a third of local households have not felt able to turn on their heating in the past month - whilst 16% have already missed a rent payment, and nearly one-third say their mental health has been affected.  The warning lights are flashing on the UK economic dashboard, and the Prime Minister cannot sit back as households and businesses plunge into debt and despair.  This is happening on his Government’s watch.  

“The Chancellor should scrap any notion of reducing state support for energy bills, and in fact increase funding to prevent households freezing.  Food poverty - not helped by Brexit-related food shortages - cold homes and added financial stress will only mount further strain on our social support and healthcare systems. As ever, the UK Government are following the false economy of cuts today and leaving problems for tomorrow - which will cost us all far, far more in the long-run.  

‘The Prime Minister, his Chancellor and the whole UK Government must urgently get a grip on the situation, recognising the pressing need being felt by people and get support to where it is badly needed.  Their own economic incompetence has worsened this disaster - and the people of the North-east deserve better.’  




Notes: Interactive data and dashboard can be found here.  

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