Local MP Backs WASPI Women at Westminster Meeting

Local MP Backs WASPI Women at Westminster Meeting

Published date : 21 March, 2023

Local SNP MP Richard Thomson has reaffirmed his commitment to the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign.    

The SNP MP met with a group of WASPI women who had travelled from all parts of Scotland to attend a demonstration outside the UK Parliament last week.  Mr Thomson, and other MPs, met with the group afterwards at a meeting in the House of Commons.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

“It was humbling to meet with the WASPI campaigners who had travelled such a distance to bring their message to the UK Government.    

“Since being elected as an MP in 2019, women from across Gordon have been in contact with me about the quite outrageous position in which they have been left by the UK Government.  

“There are thousands of women across the North-east who have been badly impacted by the UK Government’s failure to treat them fairly and the WASPI women have my full, unequivocal support.    

“The campaigners are to be commended for their hard work in keeping this issue very much in the public eye.  They are not going away and the next stage in the Ombudsman’s investigation into their case will be crucial because at that point, I expect the UK Government will no longer be able to obfuscate and delay taking action any longer.”  




Note: Photograph attached shows Richard Thomson MP (rear) with MPs and WASPI campaigners during their meeting in the House of Commons.  

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