Thomson Condemns Ridiculous Brexit Comments from Sec of State

Thomson Condemns Ridiculous Brexit Comments from Sec of State

Published date : 04 April, 2023

Gordon MP and SNP Spokesperson for International Trade Richard Thomson has condemned the UK Government for trying to shut down discussion about the disastrous implications of Brexit.  

During an interview on Times Radio, the Conservative Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kemi Badenoch urged people to “not keep talking” about Brexit.  Despite experts repeatedly highlighting the damage Brexit continues to inflict on the UK economy, Badenoch stated "we’ve left the EU so we need to...not keep talking about a vote from seven years ago.”  

This ignores financial chiefs from the Bank of England who have highlighted that Brexit has cost the UK £29 billion in business investment and that the UK is facing its worst 20-year outlook since 1938. 

It also ignores official bodies such as the Office for Budget Responsibility that have said Brexit has had a “significant adverse impact” on UK trade, contributing to reducing trade volumes and business relationships between UK and EU firms, and OBR Chair - Richard Hughes - who has said the UK Economy is 4% Smaller Because of Brexit. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

"It’s beyond absurd for Kemi Badenoch to try to silence anyone from pointing out the huge damage being inflicted on people and businesses across the country as a result of her Conservative Government's bad decisions - Ministers must face up to the disastrous reality of the Brexit they have created. 

"Frankly, it’s extremely concerning if the person in charge of business in Westminster is burying her head in the sand about the main cause of the challenges we face right now - Brexit.  If Conservative Ministers won't accept the damage Brexit is causing then they are never going to fix it. 

"The UK Government cannot stop people from discussing the brutal reality we face just because they don't want people to see how much damage they are inflicting.   

"The reality is Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU yet we have been dragged out against our will, and our voice has been completely ignored throughout.  It is simply not good enough and people must have the choice to chart a different future as an independent country that re-joins our European friends and access to the biggest single market in the world." 


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