Thomson Welcomes First Ministers Support of Scotch Whisky Industry

Thomson Welcomes First Ministers Support of Scotch Whisky Industry

Published date : 27 April, 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has welcomed calls from the First Minister Humza Yousaf for the Scotch whisky industry to be treated fairly after the Conservative UK Government hiked tax on whisky in its recent budget.  

The First Minister met with the Prime Minister this week and raised concerns over the impact of his government’s 10% tax increase on the whisky industry, as well as the decision to exclude distillers from energy support schemes for the drinks industry.  

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:   

“I’m pleased that support for the Scotch whisky industry was high on the agenda for the First Minister’s meeting with the Prime Minister.  

“Whisky distillers are important to the North-east economy, and the Conservative UK Government’s unfair tax hikes to the industry is causing a great deal of concern.    

“In 2019 as part of their election campaign, the Conservatives announced their plans to ensure the tax system supported the Scotch whisky industry.  However, it is now clear that was an empty promise as the Chancellor has now hiked whisky duty by 10% and the average bottle will now be taxed at an astonishing 75%.     

“Incredibly, these tax rises come at the same time as the UK Government has excluded the whisky industry from the energy bill support the rest of the drinks industry is to receive.     

“This is a complete betrayal of Scotland’s whisky industry and there needs to be an urgent rethink on this by the UK Government.”  



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