Local MP Urges Claim Pension Credit by 19 May to Get Extra £301 Payment

Local MP Urges Claim Pension Credit by 19 May to Get Extra £301 Payment

Published date : 11 May, 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson and Age Scotland are calling on pensioners with incomes of less than £200 per week to apply for Pension Credit before 19 May to boost their pension and ensure they receive the next instalment of the cost-of-living support payment from the UK Government.   

People who receive Pension Credit are eligible for the latest cost-of-living payment of £301, but time is running out for an estimated over 500 pensioner households in Gordon Constituency who aren’t yet claiming what they are entitled to.  

Pension Credit is a social security entitlement which provides pensioners on a low income with extra money and other helpful support. It can top up their weekly income to £201.05 if they are single, and £306.85 if they are making a joint claim with a partner.  Claiming Pension Credit also entitles people to additional support with council tax bills, rent, energy costs, and grants them a free TV licence if they are over the age of 75.   

Applications for Pension Credit should be made before 19 May by calling the Department for Work and Pensions on 0800 99 1234, or online at  Successful applications will then receive an extra £301 cost-of-living support payment.  

Age Scotland can offer advice on Pension Credit eligibility, how to claim and a free information guide by calling their helpline on 0800 12 44 222, or on their website at Their online benefits calculator can also offer a quick indication of what you could be missing out on at   


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:   

“It’s vital that older people here in the North-east are claiming everything they are entitled to, especially given the huge cost-of-living pressures we are facing. Pension Credit can make a big difference to pensioners on low and fixed incomes, and this extra £301 could a long way to help with these immediate pressures.   

“If you receive the State Pension and your total income is less than £201.05 per week then you could get this extra payment, boost your pension, and get help with council tax, rent and energy bills. Please act fast and put in a claim.”  


Age Scotland’s Chief Executive, Mark O’Donnell, said:  

“Across Scotland there are more than 100,000 pensioner households with the lowest incomes missing out on such an important entitlement. Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of pounds in social security payments still go unclaimed by older people in Scotland every year due to a lack of awareness, difficultly in accessing them, stigma surrounding benefits or just not knowing where to turn for help.  

“With rising levels of pensioner poverty and fuel poverty in Scotland, it’s critical that every pound someone is entitled to gets into their pocket.  

“We’d urge anyone who thinks they may be eligible for Pension Credit to act quickly and submit an application before 19 May directly with the Department for Work and Pensions. Please also check in with older friends and family members to let them know about Pension Credit to ensure they are not missing out on vital support which they are entitled to.”  



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