Gordon MP Welcomes Progress on Just Transition for North-East

Gordon MP Welcomes Progress on Just Transition for North-East

Published date : 29 September, 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has welcomed the announcement from Scottish Government Energy Minister Gillian Martin that the publication of the strategy for a fair and just transition will be published by next summer.  

The announcement follows the publication of the consultation responses to the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, and independent analysis of those responses.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“This is a welcome announcement and here in the North-east, we have the workforce and the skills built up over decades of being the centre of the country’s energy industry.    

“The skills needed to drive forward wind, wave and solar developments are right here and are very transferable as the transition from oil and gas gains momentum.  That’s not a transition that’s going to happen overnight and anyone who advocates for an immediate cessation of work in the oil and gas sector simply doesn’t understand the consequences of such a policy.   

“Net zero needs to be reached in a way that spreads the benefits and costs of energy decarbonisation fairly and the UK Government needs to play its part and do much, much more to accelerate investment, reform markets and ensure benefits flow to communities.”  


Energy Minister Gillian Martin MSP said:    

“Delivering on our climate obligations with an unwavering commitment to a fair and just journey to net zero is an absolute priority for the Scottish Government.  

“The consultation confirmed broad support for our vision and highlighted the importance of providing policy certainty to enable investment in skills, infrastructure and technologies.  We will now publish our Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan by next Summer, setting out how we intend to create a net zero energy system that delivers affordable, secure and clean energy while benefiting communities across Scotland by providing high quality jobs and economic opportunities. 

“We believe that all future extraction of fossil fuels must be subject to strict climate compatibility and energy security tests.  Our focus is on meeting our energy security needs, reducing emissions and delivering affordable energy supplies, whilst ensuring a just transition for our oil and gas workforce as North Sea resources decline.”  



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