SNP MP Calls Out Two Child Cap as 3270 Children Pushed into Poverty in Gordon Constituency

SNP MP Calls Out Two Child Cap as 3270 Children Pushed into Poverty in Gordon Constituency

Published date : 05 October, 2023


Gordon MP Richard Thomson has called on the Conservatives and Labour to commit to ending the ’cruel’ two child cap and associated rape clause, after figures revealed by the Poverty Alliance showed that over 250,000 children in Scotland have been pushed into poverty by Westminster.  

The data, released to coincide with the beginning of Challenge Poverty Week 2023 (Mon 2 - Sun 8 October) shows that in Gordon Constituency, 3270 children are living in poverty.    

Mr Thomson praised the work of the Scottish Government in its efforts to reduce child poverty through policies like the Scottish Child Payment, which gives families £25 per week for every child under 16, but warned Westminster’s cost of living crisis and the austerity measures supported by both the Tories and Labour risked that work being undone.  


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:  

"The beginning of this year’s 'Challenge Poverty week' should serve as a wake up call to the Conservatives and Labour, with these shocking figures revealing the number of children that have been pushed into poverty over thirteen years of Westminster austerity.   

"On the other hand, the SNP Scottish Government is committed to tackling poverty, through policies such as the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start Grants which have helped to lift 90,000 children out of poverty - that is a record to be proud of.  

“But these achievements are at risk of being undone as more and more families are consigned to poverty by Westminster.   

“It’s time for both the Conservatives, and Labour whose shameful endorsement of this policy could see it last another Parliamentary term, commit to ending the cruel two child cap and rape clause.  

"Scotland should not be held back by a government we didn’t elect in Westminster - it is only with the full powers of independence can we truly tackle poverty and the ongoing cost of living crisis, alongside building a fairer and greener economy for all."  




'Helping families with their living costs'  


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