90% of Manufacturers Face Trading Hurdles 3 Years After Brexit

90% of Manufacturers Face Trading Hurdles 3 Years After Brexit

Published date : 08 December, 2023


Gordon MP and SNP Trade spokesperson Richard Thomson has said independence is Scotland’s route back to the EU and Single Market after a report reveals nine out of ten UK manufacturers are still facing trading difficulties with the EU, three years after Brexit. 

The survey by trade body, Make UK, shows that there has been “little improvement” since its first post-Brexit survey in 2021, with 40% of surveyed businesses saying export volumes to the EU were falling, and 36% of UK companies saying EU companies were less willing to work with them.

After businesses expressed concern over the impact new border controls will have on imports from the EU, starting in January 2024, Make UK also warned that the new measures were likely to create “additional friction.”  

The UK Government confirmed in October that new post-Brexit border checks will cost UK businesses at least £330 million a year. 

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 

“Westminster’s Brexit, which Scotland didn’t vote for, has cost Scottish businesses hundreds of millions, and left them struggling to trade with our biggest trading partner. 

“With the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems all now backing Brexit, the damage to Scotland’s businesses, economy, public services and households will continue if Scotland remains under Westminster control. 

“Leaving the EU has been an unmitigated disaster, and everyone knows it. Independence allows Scotland to escape Brexit and gives us a route back to the EU and the world's largest single market. 

“Only the SNP are offering that alternative – and a return to economic prosperity.” 


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