Local MP Comments on Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Local MP Comments on Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Published date : 23 February, 2024

Responding to the UK Government's Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill passing its final stages to become law, Gordon MP and the SNP’s Westminster Business and Trade spokesperson Richard Thomson said: 
“The application of a ‘just transition’ test to any new offshore oil and gas licenses was proposed by the SNP and I’m disappointed that the UK Government voted down that entirely sensible proposal. 

"The Bill itself is, however, symptomatic of the UK Government's shortcomings when it comes to energy policy.  It does nothing to lower fuel bills, it does nothing to deliver energy security, and it does not even support a just transition to secure jobs here in the North-east for future generations - and neither the Conservatives nor Labour have a plan to do so. 
"Once again we see that Scotland has all of the energy but none of the power.” 


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