MP visits Bucksburn Academy

MP visits Bucksburn Academy

Published date : 28 March, 2024

SNP Westminster MP for Gordon, Richard Thomson, and MSP Liam Kerr recently made a visit to Bucksburn Academy for a joint Q&A session with the pupils from the Higher Modern Studies class.

The visit, which was arranged at the request of David Salmond, Business and Community Support Officer and Modern Studies teacher, Deb Stockley, gave the pupils the opportunity to question the parliamentarians and the students were given free reign to pop down any question they wanted.

“I was told to expect that some of the questions would be amusing” said Richard Thomson, “some would be quite 'spiky' and some would be incredibly thoughtful – and I wasn’t disappointed”.

The session opened with the parliamentarians telling pupils about their previous careers, why they had chosen to go into politics, and how they had managed to forge a path to their parliamentary seats, before being interrogated on a series of current affairs.

While the parliamentarians clearly had opposing views on such matters as to whether or not there should be another independence referendum, there was also a great deal of consensus on matters such as the need for a ceasefire in Gaza and agreement that Brexit had not been good for the UK.

“I very much enjoyed my visit to Bucksburn Academy and was greatly impressed by the range of incisive questions put forward by the pupils, said Richard, “it was evident that the class had a great deal of interest in a variety topical issues.”

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