Brexit an “unforgivable betrayal

Brexit an “unforgivable betrayal" of Scottish exporters

Published date : 02 April, 2024


Gordon MP Richard Thomson has described the economic impact of Westminster’s Brexit as an “unforgivable betrayal” to Scotland’s world class producers and exporters.

It comes as data released by trade body, Salmon Scotland, revealed Scotland has lost up to £100mn a year in salmon exports to the EU because of red tape and increased costs associated with Brexit.

Commenting, the SNP’s Business and International Trade spokesperson and Gordon MP Richard Thomson said:

“The hard Brexit that Westminster has forced on Scotland has imposed significant costs on businesses, many of whom are struggling to stay afloat amidst the other economic challenges created by the Conservatives.

“The way Westminster has allowed Scottish industries like fishing to be decimated is an unforgivable betrayal of our world class producers and exporters.

“But the Conservatives aren’t alone in creating this mess. Brexit continues to be championed by Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour party who now refuse to even consider renegotiating the bad Brexit deal that they themselves criticised and that is levelling severe harm on businesses and the Scottish economy.

“The UK Government should be promoting Scottish produce, but the Conservative and Labour Brexit project has shown they prefer economic isolation to growth and success.

“The little regard they’ve shown for industries like fishing provide just further proof that the only way to get representatives who will oppose the many harms of Brexit and stand up for Scotland is by voting for the SNP.”

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