Gordon MP Welcomes Free Scottish Football Initiative

Gordon MP Welcomes Free Scottish Football Initiative

Published date : 04 April, 2024

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has hailed the "tremendous step" taken by the Scottish Government to have all Scotland men and women's national football games on free-to-air TV. 

Mr Thomson praised the decision by First Minister Humza Yousaf to commit to a consultation on the campaign, which aims to guarantee all Scotland men and women national games are permanently on free-to-air TV. 

The SNP MP had previously written to both the UK and Scottish Government’s on the matter and backed attempts by the SNP in Westminster to find a solution to the problem, including amending the Media Bill which would have placed Scotland men’s matches on the list of sporting events guaranteed to receive free-to air-coverage - but was unfortunately voted down.

The decision by the First Minister coincides with the launch of the SNP's online campaign, which offers supporters the opportunity to pledge their support on the party's website.


Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:

“I am delighted the Scottish Government is taking this tremendous step and carrying out serious work on something which every supporter in Scotland has a stake in.  Indeed, the lack of access to important national sporting events on free-to-air television is something which is regularly raised with me by constituents.

“The UK Government has shown a complete lack of interest when I have raised this issue by telling me sport is a devolved matter – despite broadcasting clearly being reserved to Westminster.

“I’ve been clear throughout my campaign that there are no easy or quick answers to ensuring free access while protecting incomes that help support footballs grassroots, but the Scottish Government’s action this weekend is an important one.

“And it stands in sharp contrast to the negativity and lack of interest previously shown by the UK Government when they’ve been asked to step up to the plate.

“The whole country will all be able to enjoy Stevie Clarke and his players taking to the field at Euro 2024 this summer, with every game on free-to-air TV.

“However, I want to see that free access continue into the future, with the next generation of John McGinn's and Kim Little’s able to watch their heroes regardless of their household income and be inspired to get their boots on and lead us to many more qualifications in the future.”


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