Local MP Highlights Age UK Advice for Older Renters

Local MP Highlights Age UK Advice for Older Renters

Published date : 25 August, 2021

MP for Gordon Constituency Richard Thomson has highlighted a new advice guide available from charity Age UK aimed at older people who rent their home. 


For constituents who are already renting, or are considering renting for the first time, there are lots of different options and factors to consider. 


Age UK’s information and advice page on renting and social housing includes helpful information for older people, including what to consider when renting privately, advice on social housing and older people’s rights as tenants. 


In addition, Age UK also has a comprehensive guide on private renting for older people, which includes tips on how older people can find private rented housing, types of tenancies, and what they should consider when signing a lease.  Age UK also has a similar guide on social housing, which advises older people on who qualifies for social housing, how to apply, and their rights when living in social housing. 


Commenting on the initiative, Richard Thomson MP said: 


“I know how important it is to my older constituents who are renters that they feel comfortable and secure in their home.  It’s vital that they understand their options when it comes to rented housing. 

“If you or someone you love is an older renter, or considering renting for the first time, you can access Age UK’s useful guide at: 

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