Gordon MP Condemns UK Govt Snub to North-East

Gordon MP Condemns UK Govt Snub to North-East

Published date : 19 October, 2021

Local SNP MP Richard Thomson has condemned the announcement by the UK Government that it will not be supporting a carbon capture and storage project in Aberdeenshire, at St Fergus. 
The MP has previously given his backing to the Scottish Cluster Campaign, a cross-community, cross-business group which aims to create a unified voice for Scotland to progress along our decarbonisation journey, calling on the Scottish and UK Governments to take the actions needed for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), hydrogen and other low carbon technologies to play their full part in meeting net-zero goals. 
The Scottish Cluster is backed by a wide range of advocates from industry and across local and regional communities, including Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, along with the Scottish Government.  
Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: 
“This is a bitterly disappointing decision and further evidence - if any were needed - of how little the Scottish Conservatives care about the North-east of Scotland.  They are not abandoning us – frankly, they were never there for us in the first place.” 
“The carbon capture project would have been a major boost for the North-east, helping Scotland to become a world leader in clean energy and the UK Government’s decision to snub the scheme is just the latest example of their complete disregard for our energy industry. 

“During the 2014 Referendum, Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians lined up to tell us that the only way to guarantee the funding for the previous carbon capture project in the North-east was to vote No – before ditching their support for it in 2015. 

“The UK Government swindled Scotland out of £1 billion by their actions in 2015 while posturing as environmentally friendly on the world stage – now, just before COP26 is about to start, UK Ministers have once again snubbed the North-east by refusing to support what should have been, even to them, the obvious shovel-ready project which would have brought huge environmental benefits.” 

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